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Glory to Putin!

Mammoth in Moscow

Today, a nearly full-grown mammoth walked across Red Square in Moscow. It is still unclear how this could have happened. What we know for sure is that Russian researchers in Yakutia have been working in collaboration with the Seoul clone specialists Hwang Woo Suk since 2012 on a project to clone a mammoth.

Scientists examining the remains of the mammoth baby Lyuba, discovered in the permafrost.

First investigations have shown that after promising developments in 2013 this research was moved to a separate area of ​​the Moscow zoo, not accessible for the visitors. For that reason this part of the zoo was equipped with additional safety devices. The usual corruption seems to have prevented this to a sufficient degree. As the police said, the mammoth has not yet been captured. It is believed to be still in front of the Lenin Mausoleum, where it is fed by some brave tourists. The police asks everybody to refrain from this, so as not to get the mammoth used to the Red Square as a feeding ground.

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