russia for you

Glory to Putin!

Resellers wanted!


The new iPhone is out! For all fans of Vladimir Putin, here’s something to articulate their devotion. The iPhone 5S Caviar Supreme Putin! With a price of about a $ 4.360 gold iPhone 5S which is EVEN more costly than caviar.

The most influential person by Forbes and Time – President Putin came to symbolize the latest generation, the leader of the human rights violations and war crimes. So the Putinphone is the “best expression of your Fascism.”

We are looking for resellers at the Berlin Montagsdemo. Promotion material and table are at disposal. For more information contact:

Lennestrasse 1
10785 Berlin

2 responses to “Resellers wanted!

  1. Nobody 2. July 2014 at 17:08

    Das Ding gibt es ja wirklich 😯 ich dachte das sei ein Gag, aber die italienische Firma Perla enna baut die Dinger!/news95/

    und für schlapppe 147 000 Rubel gehört es zur Ausstattung eines jeden wahren Putinisten. Ich bin sicher, Gas-Gerd hat ein Putinphone :mrgreen:

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