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IKEA ordered to change design in Russia


Russian courts on Friday backed the temporary closure of one IKEA center in Moscow for breaches of sanitary rules, amid a standoff with the West over Ukraine, while the state furniture safety watchdog suspended work at another.

The two shops have been closed since last week on the orders of the watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor. The court rulings confirmed that decision.

Rospotrebnadzor has introduced sweeping checks, including unscheduled inspections, at Ikea centers across the country.

Russian businessmen have said the crackdown is linked to the crisis over Ukraine, which has soured European-Russian relations and led to a round of sanctions and trade restrictions. Rospotrebnadzor has denied that its actions are politically motivated. Inofficially it was told, that IKEA received a letter from the trade ministry, suggesting a change of Ikeas corporate identity. The ministries wish is a change of the colors of the IKEA design from yellow and blue to a favored red and blue. But others combinations are possible as well. All but keeping yellow and blue.

IKEA said it would appeal the court rulings, which ordered the two Moscow branches to be closed.

“We do not agree with the courts’ decisions and will appeal them according to established procedures. We will continue to take care of our employees and do everything we can to continue successful operations in Russia,” said a spokeswoman for the Swedish firm in Russia.

the Ikea northwest Moscow store


Fuehrerbunker for the Night Wolves

Today, the president of the russian biker gang „Night Wolves“, who was decorated with a medal by Russias president Putin, anounced that the Night Wolves plan to reestablish two leader bunkers in Poland and Ukraine as departments of their gang. They will later become accomodations for the Russian President Putin. The build up will start as fast as possible when both countries has been reintegrated in the Eurasian Empire. The bunkers are called „Wolf’s Lair“ in German „Wolfsschanze“ und „Wehrwolf“ and were both destoyed at the end of the second world war. Wolfsschanze is located near Kętrzyn the former Rastenburg in Poland and Wehrwolf, of which historians believe that beside the distroyed entrances the main bunker is untouched since WW2 is located near Winniza not far from Kiew. Wehrwolf was the name of a secret german organisation initiated by Heinrich Himmler to fight the allied forces after the end of the war. And “Wolf” was as well a pseudonym of Adolf Hitler referring to his first name. The Grey Wolves are a fascist organization in Turkey. After the integration of Crimea in the Eurasian Empire the Night Wolves performed in a big show on Crimea displaying a large swastika and declared President Putin as honorary member of their biker gang.



Fuehrerbunker “Wolfsschanze”


Fuehrerbunker “Wehrwolf”


The Night Wolves performing on Crimea


Putin had a ride with the Night Wolves


“Over there is Lisbon.”

The Night Wolves Logo


Hitler and Mussolini at the Wolfsschanze after Stauffenbergs assassination attempt

Antifascist Sanctions

President Putin’s watchful eye misses nothing! On a Moscow market place he discovered an American pan that has undermined the import stop for Western products.