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Spiegel fusion


In Germany, at a press conference, Jakob Augstein, known as joint heir of the Spiegel announced that the magazin SPIEGEL, his own paper FREITAG and in addition, the former FDJ newspaper JUNGE WELT and the former SED organ, the NEUES DEUTSCHLAND have formed to a united journalistic front. The cooperation with the British Guardian will also be strengthened. The antitrust authorities have approved a publisher fusion under the umbrella of the Spiegel. The media diversity in Germany had to be preserved, Augstein said, who said in an interview in the year 2004, after his father’s death, he could not imagine a role as a publisher in the newspaper of his father, so the newspapers will keep operating under their familiar names, but their journalistic orientation would now be coordinated under his chairmanship. Other members of the planned coordinating body that had appeared together with Augstein to the press conference, are Juergen Elsaesser, Christopher Hoerstel, Juergen Todenhoefer, Peter Scholl-Latour, Eva Herman and Natalya Narotschnizkaja.
It must be the task of the media in Germany to keep the American and Zionist influence off German politics. It has grown over the crisis in Syria and Ukraine in such unbearable extent that only a coordinated approach could preserve left, anti-imperialist positions.

The revelations of Snowden had proved that we have become more than ever a handmaiden of the fascistoid U.S. government. The traditionally good relations with Russia would be playful and the German government has established Russia as an object of hate. It was just President Putin, who like no other politician was committed to peace. He had abstained from the UN decision for the war against Libya, he prevented an U.S. aggression in Syria and he has sent peacekeepers to the Russian border with Ukraine, containing the aggression of the fascist Ukrainian government against the peaceful federalization demonstrators.
Questions whether these publishing merger receive financial benefits from Russia or indirectly via the Institut de la Démocratie et de la Coopération were answered repellent by Augstein. Peter Scholl-Latour was outraged. Journalism in Germany had degenerated. It is an impertinence to attribute to him as an old fighter against fascism closeness to Russia. Putin is not a fascist! He is not payed by fascists.
At the end of the press conference Jakob Augstein suggested to sing the International, but got fierce opposition from Elsässers and Natalija Narotschnizkajas.


German translation by Criticus Nixalsverdruss:

Hitler in Ukraine!


Secret mission!
RT found out, that Adolf Hitler left his hideout in Antarctica following a secret invitation of the fascist ukrainian government. His reichsflugscheibe was recognized by russian radar passing over sudan and egypt. It finally made an overflight at low altitude over the ukrainian parliament before it touched down at Kiews airport. Hitler got a warm welcome by the fascist regime. Chocolate president Poroschenko gave him a hug, before they left the airport for a visit of Kiew. As we were told by well informed officials, hitler promised an arms deal for the fascist regime that includes his famous wunderwaffe.