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The new German

The new German

The new German stretches a chest formed by Arnold Breker, toughened by judo out of camouflage trousers of the Russian army. His naked chest is pierced with swastika and hammer and sickle medals. He is hard like Donezk steel, tough like moose leather, nimble like grayhound shit. And he has the strength of the two hearts.
On the right side under the stretched forward right arm, the brown heart which beats for the Tsar for the splendor of the Russian church, for icons and Ivan Rebroff for AfD, NPD, Alexandr Dulgin and Vladimir Putin. The heart which never liked foreigners and regards all Jews as zionists who secretly steer the New World order from Washington. The heart which regards all western politicians as criminals who save only the European banks but let the citizen starv under Hartz IV. Wanting only Russian resources and therefore driving the Nato forward eastward more and more to the gates of Moscow.

And on the left side under the upward stretched fist the red heart which beats for Stalin, Lenin and Marx, for Gysi, for Die Linke and the anti imperialism and of course also for the KGB and comrade Putin who frees Russia that is under pressure from the Nato. It beats for a wall that keeps the western dirt and the western decadence away. And the us-sponsored head cutting Sunni Arab hordes as well as the terrorist Israelis. And it beats for the arian Iranians who want to destroy the imperialistic Jews, the zionists who treat peace-loving Palestinians like animals and threaten the world with nuclear weapons.
The new German reads the Neue Deutschland, Junge Freiheit, Compact, Hinter Der Fichte, Alles Schall und Rauch, Honigmann or Volksbetrug. He only reads the media of the powers to get confirmation for his world view and to spread it there in the forums. Just like in Facebook or other social networks.

The new German knows that the Jewish, American world finance oligarchy rules over the world. With its money, its laws and its secret services. With the NSA that exactly knows, when he is in bed with the neighbor and when he cheats the tax. And with the CIA which doesn’t fight any terror but fakes this terror. Of the RAF about the NSU up to the WTC. Only to be able to proceed against harmless citizens like him. He knows that only a loosening from the Nato and turning to Putins Russia will bring us justice, national identity and liberty from the U. S. slavery. The new German knows that large countries like Germany or Russia can only be ruled by a tough hand.

The new German hates three things most: The liberalism, the democracy and the state under the rule of law. He hates it if politicians that he hasn’t elected decide on his life. He hates it if a government pursues policy for majorities which are not his. For foreigners and green idiots, for the USA, Jews and banks. And he hates it if these come for him with laws like international law and human rights and with laws only tailored for their interests. With laws contradicting the needs of ethnic groups and peoples. The new German person increases rapidly. And at the latest when he marches through the Brandenburg Gate with torches, I know that Germany isn’t my home country any more! Max Liebermann watching such a march of the SA with torches said: „I cannot eat as much as I want to throw up“. That’s exactly how I feel!

Arnold Breker “Bereitschaft”